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  • Foshan Yida Adhesive Products Co. LTD

    Foshan Yida Adhesive Products Co. LTD

    Foshan Yida Adhesive Products Co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as Yida Company) is a joint venture established in 1991 by Asia Chemical Technology China Co., LTD. And Foshan Fosu Technology Group Co., LTD. It is one of the earliest enterprises producing adhesive products and using water adhesive as adhesive in China. After nearly 30 years of dedication and deep cultivation in the adhesive products industry, it has become a high-quality enterprise in the adhesive products industry in South China and even the whole country.

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  • Taiwan Yanzhou Group

    Taiwan Yanzhou Group

    Inflammatory state group in the republic of China founded in 67 by the current chairman Mr Zhi-xian li, after forty years of effort, for the global integration of upstream and downstream of the tape manufacturer, is also the world of the most complete one of the largest manufacturers for the production of PVC tape and OPP tape, now become the total assets of up to more than two hundreds of wu found one hundred million nt dollars, owns a strategy and an international group of companies; The BUSINESS scope of the GROUP extends widely, and the business group is divided into three main business areas: manufacturing (film and tape), packaging material access, and real estate (construction and hotel).

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  • Xintumei (Taishan) Label Material Co. LTD

    Xintumei (Taishan) Label Material Co. LTD

    Xintumei (Taishan) Label Materials Co., Ltd. office address is located in the hometown of overseas Chinese Jiangmen, Jiangmen Taishan City Shuibu Town Fu 'an East Road No. 1, on December 24, 2013, in Jiangmen City Administration for Industry and Commerce was registered, the registered capital is 15 million US dollars, in the company's development and growth of 6 years, We always provide customers with good products and technical support, sound after-sales service, our company mainly engaged in all kinds of self-adhesive label printing raw materials, digital printing record consumables, advertising consumables, chemical raw materials (excluding dangerous goods) production and management. (The law must be approved by the project, approved by the relevant departments can carry out business activities), we have good products and professional sales and technical team, our company belongs to Jiangmen label, sign company industry.

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  • Dongguan gangyuan adhesive tape products co. LTD

    Dongguan gangyuan adhesive tape products co. LTD

    Dongguan gangyuan adhesive tape co., LTD., founded in 1992, is a sino-foreign joint venture. It is located in liuwu xiang industrial zone, songshan lake avenue, liaobu town, dongguan city, guangdong province, which is close to songshan lake industrial zone and adjacent to guan-shen expressway. In order to better meet and develop the needs of market products, our company has introduced advanced production equipment and technology from Italy with a huge amount of money.

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